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  • What is the starting price for paddling adventures?
    Paddling adventures start at $50 per person.
  • How does the price of paddling adventures change as group size increases?
    The larger the group the lower the price per person of the adventure! If you have a large group, contact us and we are happy to negotiate a fee!
  • What is included in a paddling adventure?
    You will be provided a life jacket, a kayak, canoe, or a paddle board, a guided trip with an instructor(s), and lessons before you get on the water!
  • What should/should not be brought with me while paddling?
    We encourage you to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and clothes/footwear that can get wet. All items, including electronics and eyewear, can get wet or be lost. Remember, less is more so limit what you bring.
  • Is there an age limit to go paddling?
    We don't have an age limit and welcome kids of all ages!
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